RD-wireless software is a slightly modified version of the OpenSprinkler open source software and is 99% the same as OpenSprinkler. It’s mostly changed with the intent to try and direct any service requests to rd-wireless.com instead of OpenSprinkler as well as add some LEDs and features I felt were important and to support operation without a display, which is rarely used. Special thanks go to Ray and Samir along with the openSource community for all their work and being willing to use the base code, app that uses a little bandwidth on the openSprinkler servers, which I’ve offered to help pay for should this product become successful.   

I hope to give back to the open-source efforts on this project as I gain enough understanding of the code and design to do so.  This has been a fun project.   If you have any questions, please send them using the contact-us form. There’s no intent to hide this code or design or to take credit for the little I’ve added.  I am an advocate of the GPL and openSource and I can not claim credit for most of this product – that credit goes to the openSource community and I believe the majority of it goes to Ray and Samir.

As of this version, I have not really cleaned up the code at all and it’s not something that I’d particularly want anyone looking at yet, but I’ll get it cleaned up as time permits.  If you’re interested in code, you’re be better off looking at the latest official open source code seen here: https://github.com/OpenSprinkler  It has information on how to build it, etc.  If you want to see this project’s source, you can download it here.    I’ve done what I believe is necessary to comply with the rules of the GPL, if I can do better, let me know.