What is included:

  1. The upgrade board plugs into your existing back terminal board in your existing Irritrol Rain Dial case. Check compatibility below.
  2. The phone app can be downloaded from your phone’s app store – search for OpenSprinkler
  3. Support is available through the contact-us page above.   
    1. It’s not often that the backboard needs repair, but if you want to have your backboard examined and repaired, we’ll even do it for free with your purchase, but only if you send it to us before we ship your order (to save postage).   You can always send it in later if and pay $20 + shipping.  
  4. Click Add to cart and then click the shopping cart for final pricing.

Backboard Compatibility Check:

Check your backboard for compatibility (note, the supported valve count is limited by the number of screw terminals on your board. (e.g., the right-most picture only has 6 terminals, whereas the left backboard could support up to 12)



If you have any questions about the RD-Wireless products, fill out the contact-us form and we’ll respond promptly.

Note, we can only ship to the continental United States. 

If you have a rain sensor connected to the Sensor screw terminals, please contact us before ordering. 
Although you can order here, please follow this Amazon link; it takes a lot of sales to get to a good seller status on Amazon. Thanks for your support. 
If you can also leave a positive review, it would be very helpful 🙂    

Here’s the Amazon Link to purchase your timer:






You can download the Open Sprinkler App using your phone and search apps for OpenSprinkler (It’s Free).

Google Play Store

Apple Store


The Wireless Replacement Board is also available.  It does not connect to the existing back terminal board but replaces the board instead. 

Contact-us for pricing and availability. 

Use the following to make a donation or non-standard payment:

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