LEDs and Buttons


LEDs on timers with a black circuit board

LED24VAC Indicates valid 24VAC input voltage from the transformer. This should always be on. If not, consider the following reasons:

  1. The 12VAC Breaker is off or the transformer is unplugged, or GFCI outlet is tripped.
  2. The timer is not properly plugged into the backboard; make sure the left and right sides of the timer align with the sides of the backboard beneath it.

LED2 On – Indicates the timer is in local AP mode. To connect to it, you must connect to the OS_… WiFi network and open a browser to IP address Refer to the initial setup instructions for full details

LED 2 FAST FLASHING – Indicates an overcurrent condition has occurred and the timer turned off a valve to prevent damage. This is usually caused by a bad solenoid of shorted wiring. To clear the error, reboot the timer through the app or turn the timer off and on again. To determine which one is bad, you can clear the error and then manually turn on each valve, one at a time until the fault re-occurs.

LED4 On – indicates the timer was connected to a WiFi Router and should be accessible with the app when your phone is also connected t your WiFi Router. Refer to the B4 button for additional information.

LED4 Flashing – indicates that the timer has turned on a valve.


LEDs For timers with a white circuit board.

  1. Same as with Black Circuit Board.

Button functions – what do they do?

Button B4: Toggles back and forth between Local WiFi AP mode and normal router WiFi mode. This is useful for two common scenarios, each will reboot the timer and you’ll see the LEDs flash:

  1. Used by a landscaper to temporarily access the timer in local WiFi mode (using the OS_… network and the app) so you don’t have to give the landscaper your router’s WiFi password. Press it a 2nd time to switch the timer back to the Home Router settings.
  2. Used if you changed your WiFi password or router and need to go back into direct connect mode to change your home router settings.
  3. If you have not set up a home router, pressing this button will not change anything.
  4. As a RESET:  If the timer becomes unresponsive, you can use B4 to reset it.   Each press of B4 will change modes and reset the timer.  If you just want to reset your timer, you can press B4, wait till the lights come back on, then press it a second time to toggle the mode back again.   

Other buttons B1-3: They perform functions defined by the original OpenSprinkler and described by the OS manual here; these buttons are typically used with a display so they’re not of much use in this case and are generally ignored.  If you’d like to add a display to your timer, contact us for information.