For information about this product and how it’s based open-source software and hardware, please see the About page. 

  1. Easy Installation: Simply disconnect your old timer and plug in the RD-Wireless, Perform a one-time WiFi setup and then program using your smartphone or computer.
  2. Intuitive User Interface (UI): no more messing with buttons and knobs that wear out or displays that are hard to see. Web browsers and mobile apps make it easy to set or change sprinkler programs.
  3. Smart Control: It can connect to the Internet and use real-time weather data (including historic and forecast data) to automatically make water time adjustments. It not only stops watering when it rains but also scales water time up and down based on your local temperature and humidity.  Note that these features are dependent on 3rd party weather service providers which may change their policies, procedures, features, and fees at any time. 
  4. Control up to 8 valves depending on your back terminal board and the need for a master valve.
  5. Up to 40 programs that support even/odd days; interval settings, sunrise and sunset options, repeating, rain delay, and many many more.
  6. All programming is saved even if a power outage
  7. Automatically sets time and date based on your location.
  8. Connectivity Options: Can still function without an external router, ideal for situations where you don’t have an Internet connection in the field.
  9. Landscaper Access Feature: Don’t want to give your landscaper access to your home network? With direct access to the timer, he temporarily turns on local access and programs it. No need to disclose Personal Home Router WiFi Passwords.
  10. Remote Access: you can access it anywhere and at any time, whether you are at home, at the office, or traveling away. (requires home router port configuration).

About the app and RD-Wireless feature compatibility and limitations:

The phone app is an open-source application called OpenSprinkler. It is a stable app that has been around for several years. It is intended to operate with an excellent irrigation timer called Open Sprinkler. This same app can be used for RD-Wireless products. Some features are supported. Here are some differences:

  • Support – Please contact us on this site for any support issues; we’re happy to help. Do not use the OpenSprinkler support options; you will not be able to get support for RD-Wireless products through OpenSprinkler.
  • Rain sensors can be used, but they are not directly supported by the application. They can generally be used with any irrigation timer when wired correctly. Refer to your rain sensor manual for proper wiring/installation. If you need assistance, let us know. 
  • Expansion boards – not currently supported.
  • Master Valve/Pump – Using a master valve or pump is provided by one of the stations. We typically connect valve #8 or #11 and the MV/Pump terminals together so that valve 8 or 11 can be re-configured in the app as the MV/Pump if it’s needed. If you do not use the MV/Pump; feature, the 8th or 11th (depending on the model) can be used for regular valve control.
  • 2.4GHz WiFi is supported.  Your transformer and back terminal board must be in good condition to offer reliable operation. 


Video on how to use the App