The Phone App

The RD-Wireless products use the Open Sprinkler Phone App. You can find it by opening your ‘app store’ or google play and searching for OpenSprinkler (It’s Free). Some general information about them can be found below.

Google Play Store

Apple Store

The app is fairly intuitive, easy to use and has several advanced features related to weather tracking etc. These features are all developed by the OpenSprinker team and the Weather server is provided by Ray for his OpenSprinkler timer. He’s graciously allowing us to also use it. Special thanks to Ray and Samir for their amazing contributions to the OpenSource world; without their efforts and the efforts of those previously, this product would not be possible.

Ray has a good video here.

  • For RainDial timer repairs, please go to
  • For RainDial Upgrades, please purchase from this site.
  • For a stand-alone sprinkler timer, please consider buying OpenOprinkler from Ray