The update process consists of these basic steps:

  1. Check the current version
  2. Download the update file
  3. Find your device’s IP address,
  4. Go to the device’s update page
  5. Submit the update file

The update should not change your programs or options.

Check your version and download the update file

1. Check your current version

You can check your version using the App on the phone; Select the top left menu and then ‘About’; look at the bottom for the Firmware version and look at the last number shown in ( ).

For Black circuit boards, the number should be (2).   If it is not (2), download this Revision 2 file by clicking this link:  file.

  • Version 2 Release Notes:   Corrected glitch on solenoids during power-up; improved B4 behavior for switching between Router WiFi mode and Direct AP mode connection that sometimes required you to press B4 after a reboot.

To update your firmware, do the following:

2. Find your device’s IP address

From the upper left menu in the App, select Manage Sites.  Note the IP Address for your site; it is listed in the ‘Change IP‘ box. It will look similar to 192.168.x.y.

3. Go to the update page

For this step, if you’re proficient at downloading and selecting files to your phone, you can use it.  Otherwise, it’s recommended you use a computer to perform the update.   You may want to open a new tab in your browser so you can easily refer to this page.  From a web browser, enter the page: <IP Address>/update         (E.g., 192.168.x.y/update)

4. Submit the file for update:

The page will ask you for a file and password. Select the file you downloaded and enter the password to your rd-wireless timer (opendoor by default, unless you changed it), and press submit.   It should indicate it’s uploading and will finish in < 1 minute.   It may continue to show it’s uploading, even though it is done.

After waiting a minute, close the page and check the ‘About’ page in the App again for the new firmware revision.  You will probably have to close the app and re-open it again.


If you have any trouble connecting to the timer, here are things to try:

  1. Wait a couple of minutes for it to finish loading.
  2. Close the apps and/or browsers and re-open them.
  3. Power the unit off and then on again.
  4. LED4 should be on, indicating it is connected to your WiFi router.  If it is not, press B4 and wait for it to reboot and LED4 should then be lit.
    1. If LED4 still does not come on; follow the initial setup instructions again.