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  • Intuitive User Interface (UI): no more messing with buttons and knobs that wear out or displays that are hard to see. Web browsers and mobile apps make it easy to set or change sprinkler programs.
  • Smart Control: It can connect to the Internet and use real-time weather data (including historic and forecast data) to automatically make water time adjustments. It not only stops watering when it rains, but also scales water time up and down based on your local temperature and humidity.
  • Up to 40 programs; all saved even if there is a power-outage
  • Automatic time synchronization.
  • Control up to 8 valves depending on your back terminal board and need for a master valve.
  • Connectivity Options: Can still function without an external router, ideal for situations where you don’t have Internet connection in the field.
  • Landscaper Access Feature: Don’t want to give your landscaper access to your home network? With direct access to the timer, he temporarily turn on local access and program it. No need to disclose Personal Home Router WiFi Passwords.
  • Remote Access: you can access it anywhere and at any time, whether you are at home, at office, or traveling away. (requires home router port configuration)

The RD-Wireless supports most of the OpenSprinkler features listed here: https://opensprinkler.com/faq/

Some exceptions are:

  1. No expander board
  2. LCD can be purchased separately
  3. Rain Sensors are not directly supported, but can still be connected in-line like as done for any generic sprinkler timer.
How many programs does it support? What about program schedule dates and start times?

It supports up to 40 programs. Each program allows an individual water time for every station (from 0 to 18 hours, in granularity of seconds, i.e. down to precision of 1 second), and two different types schedule dates: 1) weekly schedule where you can select any combination of weekdays; 2) interval schedule where you can set the program to run every n days (n is between 2 to 127).

Each program also allows two types of start times: 1) up to 4 fixed start times; or 2) repeating start times (e.g. start at 8:30am, repeat every 45 minutes for 8 times). The flexible start times can accommodate both situations where the program needs to run at arbitrary given start times, and situations where the program needs to repeat regularly for many times during a day.

Where can I find the open-source files?

We’re finalizing code; until it’s ready, simply contact us at rd.wireless.irrigation@gmail.com. It will soon be posted on this site.

What happens if I lose power?

all programs and settings are stored in non-volatile memory. So the data is preserved during power outage.

How do I access OpenSprinkler remotely, such as from office?

You can access OpenSprinkler remotely by using the port forwarding feature that’s available on most routers. To do so, you need to log into your router’s configuration page, go to the Port Forwarding section, and set up an entry that maps an external request (from outside your local network) to OpenSprinkler’s IP address and port number. Tutorial videos can be found in the Support page. Once set up, you’ll be able to access OpenSprinkler remotely, by using your router’s external IP address. You can find out your external IP address from your router’s status page, or simple open a browser and search ‘what’s my ip’.

Author: Brian Keller

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